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Meet Julie Anne White

In Depth Psychic Medium Readings for Portland, Oregon

Julie’s spiritual counseling skills bring clarity to your soul's deepest wishes and desires for a meaningful and happy life.

Serving all of Oregon including the following areas:
Ashland, Eugene, Salem and Portland

If You're Looking for Psychic Medium Assistance for Portland, You May Have Found Your Guide.

A Session with Julie can help you:

~ Access your childhood experiences
~ Resolve residual emotional trauma
~ Reconnect you with more joyful creative energies
~ Understand your past life (lives)

How Julie’s Psychic Readings Work:

Before putting you in a gentle state of relaxation, we might discuss what emotions you would like to transform into something higher, what energies you would like to access for your further empowerment and creativity, or what exploring the root causes of problems you are having in relationships.

Julie’s clairvoyant psychic readings offer information and energy to aid you in choosing your next steps. Julie can verify which of several possible choices “lights up” for you. She can direct you to an area that would be beneficial to relocate to. She can support you in lovingly resolving relationship questions and life path issues. If requested, you may work with contacting loved ones who have passed over.

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Call Julie for your Psychic Medium Experience

+1 (530) 657-8152

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Mt. Shasta Psychic Julie Anne White

It is my job to remind you who you are.

As a child I had psychic experiences, as most of us do, but decided I wanted to become a psychologist, since I knew I was drawn to unraveling the mysteries of what makes us happy, and that is what was offered in school as a logical choice.  My path to being a healer who specializes in psychic readings started with acupressure classes taken 26 years ago.

After realizing I could “read” my clients by touching their points, and intuitively knew about their lives, I became more interested in the psychic aspects of healing work than the body aspects, and more  involved in “receiving information” than studying systems.

Over the years I added on classes in Bioenergetic Repatterning, the Michael System, the Gurdjieff Work, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Numerology, Conscious Channeling, and Alchemical Hypnotherapy, which taught me past life regression.

After settling down to specialize in giving readings, I realized I also was skilled at mediumship, the ability to receive information from those who have passed over.

I started Lightworker Support classes ten years ago, inviting clients to join who were on a journey of self-discovery and uncovering their own abilities of healing and intuition. We have been immersed in an ongoing dialogue of discovery and support.

It is my agreement that I will be sent those people who I can help.  If you feel this “lights up” for you, I would love to meet you and remind you that you, too, are capable of re-sourcing yourself as a spiritual being having a physical experience.  Let’s discover that together!


“Don’t go back to sleep.”  –Rumi